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Falcon Training Services -HPHT (High Pressure High Temperature) Drilling Falcon Training Services -HPHT (High Pressure High Temperature) Drilling

Course Name: HPHT (High Pressure High Temperature) Drilling

Certification: Falcon Training Services

Duration of Training: 5 days including examination.

Course Fees: USD 3500 per candidate.

Course is designed For: Senior drilling personnel with no previous HPHT experience and desiring to work in HPHT field to learn the areas of complexity for this type of reservoir and ultimately to know how to work with HPHT wells.

Course Contents:

  • What is HPHT?
  • Why HPHT needs special preparation
  • Why better management and response time is needed.
  • Quick review of disasters at high pressure and temperature wells.
  • Muds for high temperature drilling and workover. Hydraulic calculations. Failure of mud parameters to be stable.
  • Cements for high temperature and pressures.
  • Equipment needed: Drill bits, Drill motors, hi-temperature greases and chemicals, effect on drill collars and steel, special rubber and seal material and techniques.
  • Well control: Special case. Simultaneous kick and underground blowout from one formation to another.
  • Design of drilling, casing, and workover assemblies. Stresses and temperatures
  • Gas Behaviours, Kicks and Control
  • Gas Solubility in Oil Based Mud – Effects on Kick Behaviour.
  • Surface Gas Handling Capacities and Procedures for HPHT Well Programs
  • Shut In Procedures and Decision Trees
  • Bull heading Overview
  • Volumetric Method of Well Control
  • Stripping
  • The effects of Temperature and Pressure on Muds
  • The effects of Borehole Ballooning on Drilling Responses
  • Management of Operations

Examination:  Multiple Choice Questions: 80 and Duration will be 2 hours.

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