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IADC -IADC WellSharp - Drilling IADC -IADC WellSharp - Drilling


Course emphasizes kick prevention and detection and is recommended training for personal identified. Course incorporates with both surface and subsea topics, with the majority of the topics being relevant to both surface and subsea operations.

Eligibility:- Demonstration of Introductory course knowledge is required of drilling contractor personal before they are permitted to enrol in the Drilling course for the first time

Contractor / Operator / Service Company:- MPD / UBD wellsite service personnel (non-supervisory)

Contractor:- Barge Engineer, Captain / Master, Pit Hand, Pump Hand, Shaker Hand, Subsea Engineer, Derrickman, Floorman, BOP / Subsea Engineer, LMRP Engineer and Dynamic Positioning Officer.

Operator:- Operator Offshore Installation Manager (OIM), Onshore monitoring crew, Wellsite Geologist and office-based Operation Geologist, OMI (for installations not primarily involved with drilling)

Service Company:- Casing Crew Supervisor, Cementer, ROV personnel, Mud Engineer, Mud Logger / Wellsite Drilling Data Engineer, Directional Driller, Fishing Tool Operators

DOI- Drilling Operations-Introductory course



Course is designed for personnel who are engaged in drilling operations that have responsibility for detecting a kick and shutting in the well. This course focuses specially on the Driller’s primary responsibilities rather than on advance calculations and well control methods

Eligibility:- Completion of Introductory course Knowledge

Contractor:- Assistant Driller, Driller

Service Company:- Coiled Tubing Driller


DODS- Drilling Operations-Driller course for Surface Stack

DODC – Drilling Operations-Driller course for Combined Surface and Subsea Stack

DOSUWOCD-Drilling Operations Supplement-Workover –Completions for Drillers



This course addresses more advance well control topics such as well kill operations and well control risk management. It builds upon the kick prevention, influx detection, introduction to barriers management, and well monitoring content of the Driller course.

Contractor:- Office-based Rig, Drilling, or Intervention Manager, OMI for mobile offshore drilling and intervention units, Rig Superintendent Offshore (most senior offshore leader for rig owner, may be OMI), Toolpusher, Drilling contractor Well Engineer.

Contractor / Operator / Service Company:- MPD / UBD Wellsite Supervisory

Operator:- Assistant Wellsite Supervisor / Wellsite Drilling Engineer, Drilling / Intervention Wellsite Supervisor, Superintendent, or company representative, Office-based Drilling Supervisor / Superintendent, Office-based Intervention or Workover Supervisor

Contractor:- Office-based Well Completions Engineer / Senior Completions Engineer, Office-based Drilling Engineer / Senior Drilling Engineer, Drilling Manager, Office Based Drilling supervisor / Superintendent, Office-based Intervention or Workover Manager, Office-based Intervention/ Workover Engineer/ Senior Engineer, Well Control Engineers

Service Company:- Well Control Engineers, Well Control Specialists


DOSS – Drilling Operations-Supervisor course for Surface Stack

DOSC – Drilling Operations-Supervisor course for Combined Surface and Subsea Stack

DOSUWOCS-Drilling Operations Supplement-Workover –Completions for Supervisors

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